Vasudeva Release "3 Acoustics"

vasu 3 acoustics.jpg

The ultimate homies in Vasudeva have released "3 Acoustics" which I had the absolute pleasure of mixing. It was really fun collaborating with Corey again on a recording project and he did a stellar job producing and engineering these tracks, mixing was a breeze and a lot of fun.

Information on the release from the band:

"3 songs off No Clearance that we rerecorded with a different vibe in mind. Recorded in November of 2017, the songs feature acoustic guitars, toned down drums, percussion, ambient guitar & synth layers. We hope this is something we can keep doing in the future, it was fun to reimagine these songs and we’re really into the results. It was mixed by our longtime friend Kevin Dye of Gates & mastered by Jack Shirley.

Alongside it, we’re super happy to release a photo book titled ‘Re-Cap’. We collaborated with our good friend Colin Czerwinski, who travels with us and runs Noice Magazine to make a book of photos that he took while on tour with us throughout all of last year."

You can listen to and order the album here.